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May 2003
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San Francisco runners!

Jumping runnerThis nude runner was overjoyed when he saw my camera


(An increasing number of nude runners risk it without the formal support of WANR.)

A great time is had by all -- as you can see from the look on the face of the happy runner above!

No one says so publicy (except me), but this nudity is one of the main reasons why this race is so popular. So check out our photos!

Reported sweatily by JIM W.

Once again thousands upon thousands of men, women, and other living beings put on their running shoes and headed for the streets of San Francisco for the world's largest footrace. And a couple hundred of them didn't wear much else.

Yes, one of the ways this race keeps itself so popular is to permit men and women to run it (or walk it) naked! Rules state that nude runners are not officially permitted, but they have been tolerated for the past several years.

We actually walked the entire race in 1998 (nude, of course), and walked most of it in 1999. In 2000, we forgot about it entirely (honest!), and in 2001 we set up a contraption in the trunk of a rental car to catch as many of the runners as we could as they ran by.

The majority of the nude runners do their thing with the cooperation of a wonderful volunteer operation called WANR -- the Western Association for Nude Recreation. They arrange an unobtrusive operation called "Bare to Breakers", which encourages the nude aspects.

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Bay to Breakers 2001
20 May

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Bay to Breakers 1999
16 May

Two college guys in bowler hats Red legs, red hat

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Bay to Breakers 1998
17 May

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To learn more about the next Bay to Breakers run, go to the official website.

Want to get naked during the run yourself? Check out WANR's "Bare to Breakers" run / demonstration.

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