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Fans of public penises got to see even MORE of those wonderful objects on Sunday, October 4, 1998 at the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco. Just a week before, at the Folsom Street Fair, they had gotten to see a whole bunch of public penises, and now... more of the same. Whew! Get me a towel!

And this reporter was there to increase the number of public penises seen by at least 1 (namely, his own), and to do what he could to trigger the appearance of even more.

--->The weather was fabulous, and the turnout was huge. As you can see, booths ran down the center of Castro Street almost as far as the eye could see -- not to mention along several side streets. People, people everywhere!


The crowd -- early in the afternoon

<--One bar put two bartenders in a corner window and served alcoholic drinks inside and non-alcoholic drinks to passers-by on the street. The guy was really cute (by my standards) -- but he was wearing pants. The gal was bare-breasted, but she had cleverly added some bodypaint to cover her nipples.

Low-riding jeans with NO underwear, thank God!You know how the young and fashion-oriented like to wear their jeans low, low, LOW off the waist? So their underwear shows at the top, and they can show off what brand they're wearing? This look usually includes a shirt which covers up even the underwear. Ever wonder what that "look" would look like in SF? But without the underwear?

--->Look no further! I guess nothing is coming between him and his Calvins, eh?? Let's hope the rest of his generation follows his example.

Window showSome adventurous fellows stripped and started pseudo-fucking in a corner window opening directly out onto the street. A cheer arose, and everyone looked up. Aha! The guys in the window put on a pretty good show, doggie-style, and then they suddenly got embarrassed and walked back away from the window. I was fumbling with my camera as they were getting dressed. After some appreciative comments from the crowd, two of them came back to the window and one dropped to his knees. I think the whole thing was simulated, but those of us on the street were certainly sTimulated. Thanks, guys!

I stripped

The sign goes ON...No one walked around naked the whole time, as far as I saw. However, I myself stripped and put on two sandwich boards -- poster boards -- and walked around advertising this page on my website.

First I took off my shirt. That wasn't controversial; about 1/3 of the guys were half naked, anyway. Then I put the boards over my head. ... and the pants come OFF!

Then I pulled down my pants.

Once they were visible beneath the bottom of the board, I attracted attention. For about 90 minutes, I kept up a chatter. "Hey, has anybody got a DICK around here?" I'd shout. "Show me your dick and I'll pay you a dollar!"

Note: The boy in the photo above did not hear any of this; I shut up when kids were nearby.

"Your dick for a dollar! Your dick for a dollar!" Soon I was hoarse, but I didn't care. I was serving you, the faithful and wonderful readers of the Prickstown Penis-Examiner. A small price to pay for you to be able to examine penises, eh, wot?

So what happened? Well, you know the way people are today -- just pretend you don't notice the weirdo and move on. Shake your head no and look straight ahead. Sound familiar?


The blue-wrap guy

Tell me what happened next!

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