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Toronto Newspaper Publishes Its First Penis!!!

And it's not even mine!

Schoolboys titter uncontrollably

by JIM W.

Enlargement of photo

Journalistic history was made In the paper!in Toronto just after Gay Pride Day 2004 when a photo was published openly (in the news pages of the staid Globe and Mail on Monday, 28 July 2004) with the penis of a nude marcher visible to the naked eye! This also-nude reporter, who was marching next to the penis in question, had his own penis obscured in said photo by the torso of a large blue man.

Group shotHere's a nice photo of about 1/3 of the nude marchers

Bear-lovers everywhere wrote angry letters to the editor complaining of the omission, but as of the deadline for this report there has been no response forthcoming from the paper's staid editorial offices.

And -- in a scoop! -- only a membership will give you exclusive access to the ONLY photos ever taken of the blue guy's dick! Most of the time it was covered by a blue g-string pouch, but at our reporter's specific request it was revealed to our penetrating camera lenses. The photons bouncing directly off the penis flew directly onto our digital sensor chip, and were thus recorded electronically for all posterity.

Was it big? Was it small? Was it white? Was it blue? members can log in and then find out the answers here!

* To tell the truth (and we as journalists must have the highest possible commitment to telling the truth), a couple of young women from Japan got a few photos, too, but they don't have a website and no one will ever hear from them again. Heh heh heh heh heh...

What do you think -- did he paint his dick underneath his g-string pouch?

We know the answer -- and we have the only photos that prove it!


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