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Andrew and me on the street Andrew and me on the street

December 2006

How I Got the Interview

The Inside Story of My Chat
With Berkeley's "Naked Guy"

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October 2006

Naked Teens in Brattleboro!

Will Western Culture Survive?

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Naked Brattleboro teens

 Andrew, clothed Andrew, unclothed

September 2006

'The Naked Guy'

The Sad, Sad Death of
Nudist Pioneer Andrew Martinez

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Sometime in 2005

U.S. Government Hands
Out Billions of Penises

No Bull!

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Buffalo nickel, censored

 Naked onstage in P.R.

November 2003

Naked Boys Win in Puerto Rico

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June 2003

Toronto Paper Publishes Penis!

And it's not even mine!!

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In the paper!

 The fossil penis

December 2003

World's Oldest Penis Found

Fossil is Small; Penis is Smaller

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February 2003

In Praise of Uncut Dicks

Why I had to admit that a foreskin drives me nuts

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White dick


Part 1


Part 2

March 2003

Who Invented Circumcision?

What was he, nuts?

A Psychiatric Fantasy

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Nude guy at nude dance!

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June 2002

Toronto Gay Naked Group Wins
Court Battle -- Naked dances resume!

Even the police couldn't get TNT!MEN to cover up

Memo to Gay Pride Committees:
Let us take our clothes off --
Or we'll die of boredom!

Why really savvy Gay Pride Committees allow
nice people to be naked in the parade

June 2001

Three nude marchers

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May 2001

Nude runners

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San Francisco:
America's Smartest City?

Why it's really, really smart to allow
nice people to be naked in public

November 1999

Be Proud of Your Penis

Why I'm sick and tired of concealing my dick just because it upsets someone

Me nude in Pride march

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