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3 November 2003
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Penises seen onstage
in Puerto Rico and San Diego!

Reported legally by JIM W.

The judges in Puerto Rico finally made up their minds... and ruled that the Spanish-language version of "Naked Boys Singing!" -- entitled "Chicos Cantando y Desnudos" -- could legally be performed after all.

PR cast onstage

While the historic Tapis theater was unavailable during the legal hassles, the show ran at an alternate theater. Once the legal dust had settled, it moved back to the Tapis. Needless to say, after the huge publicity barrage surrounding the show's legality,

Outside theater in San Diego
The boys -- naked except for their white and black bathrobes -- on the street in San Diego just before curtain

all performances were to sold-out crowds! In October there was also a very successful benefit performance.

Moreover, naked penises attached to singing "boys" have been spreading!! The touring company of the show has finished its tryout run in San Diego -- complete with late-night ads for the show on Comedy Central and the use of a huge downtown theater.

The show had until the San Diego engagement only been presented in quite small theaters. Presumably a large theater was chosen in this instance in order to test the market and gauge how large a theater should be booked in the future.

So far, there has been no scandal or outrage causing publicity for the touring company. One member of the Chicago cast expressed regret that "We've never had any protests about the show -- which unfortunately means no publicity about it"! But stay tuned, because you never know what might happen when half a dozen guys walk down the street wearing their bathrobes -- and nothing underneath!

The boys are on a break until spring 2004, when the North American Tour planned to visit Seattle, Hawaii, and other cities.

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